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Ten Interesting Facts About July 4

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The Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July is more than just a celebration of summertime — it’s a time to celebrate our freedom and how far we have come.

  • The Declaration of Independence began as a letter to King George to explain why the Continental Congress voted to declare independence from Great Britain.

  • The Declaration of Independence was started on July 2, 1776 and the Continental Congress approved the final wording on July 4. The American colonies were declared free and independent states.

  • The first Independence Day was celebrated on July 8, 1776 and the official signing took place on August 2.

  • 56 people (including 5 doctors) signed the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote the majority of it.

  • The first Independence Day on July 8, 1776 took place in Philadelphia. The White House celebrated Independence Day for the first time in 1804.

  • The Declaration of Independence has five parts. They are: the Preamble, the Statement of Human Rights, Charges Against Human Rights, Charges Against the King and Parliament, and the Statement of Separation and Signatures.

  • According to census.gov, 2.5 million people celebrated the first Independence Day, compared to 316.2 million people today.

  •  July 4 was officially declared a holiday in 1870, nearly one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence was written.

  • Currently, the oldest Independence Day celebration in the U.S. is held in Bristol, Rhode Island.

  • 2014 marks this year as the 238th Independence Day.

HAPPY July 4th TO ALL!!

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