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Do I "Need" Spine Surgery?

Nearly everyone, as we age, develops arthritis of the spine. Many patients are told that they “need" surgery based on x-ray findings. Rest assured, it is very uncommon to “need” surgery for the spine.

 In fact, inspite of severe findings on x-rays, most people can avoid surgery! In many cases, surgery will make you worse.  Most can be treated symptomatically with physical therapy and medications. However, if you are having severe balance problems, hand coordination difficulties, worsening weakness, or bowel and bladder incontinence, surgery may be needed.  Contact your primary doctor or specialist.  I often tell patients, “I won’t tell you when it’s time to have surgery. You will tell me.”  Most can be treated symptomatically with physical therapy and medications. I will never talk you into surgery. 

Treatment Options for Neck and Back Pain

Multiple non-surgical and surgical options are available for neck and arm pain. Click below to learn more about treatment options for Neck and Arm Pain.

Physical therapy is important for prevention and treatment of many spinal disorders including acute back pain and chronic back pain.

Injections are the first line of treatment for many spinal pathologies.

Injections are useful for both diagnosing and treating spinal conditions.

There are many spinal surgical procedures available for the treatment of spine problems.

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